Rodney and Donna Luff

Working with Bridget over the last 3 and a half years, we have seen massive improvements to our business. We have organised ourselves, clarified our roles as business owners, put more systems in place and hired some key positions. Turnover has increased by 80% but more importantly our net profits have increased by over 200%


Brad and Emma Davis

Two years into business we started working with Bridget as our coach. We put a better structure in place, realising how valuable our time was as business owners and outsourcing things that were not our core business gave us time to build a solid foundation and work on building the business. The team has grown and Turnover has grown by 30% 


Rob Rice from CTY Mowing and Garden Maintenance

He gets a lot from the Quarterly Planning workshops delivered by Bridget Breen Business Coach every quarter


Michelle Vitler, Owner of Yass Gymnastics

An award-winning business that offers a number of Gym-sports to cater for all ages and abilities. Here she is with her new administrator talking to us about the benefits of quarterly planning.


Maren Child from Starbytes Press and Celeste Weber of Celeste Ann Design

give their view on the power of quarterly planning


Jennifer Lang, Yass Bookkeeping and Business Services

Started working with Bridget Breen Business coach to help implement her plan for her business. Since working with her coach, she has totally changed the way she delivers her service, employed a new recruit, so her time is now focused on building her current business while also starting a brand new company.


Michaela Pothan from Tootsie Gallery Cafe

after the last planning workshop of 2018.


Peter and Eileen Murphy, Abbey Pharmacy

“We decided to take on a business coach because we felt that we needed expert guidance in organising, running and promoting our business especially with regard to team compliance and motivation.

Coaching has brought order to our personal and business life and has helped us to solve in a constructive manner issues with regard to team training and discipline. It has also helped in defining our role as owners and the driving force of our business.”

crest solutions logo.png

Frank Madden, Crest solutions

"The coach meets me every Monday for 1 hr and we plan out what I am going to do for the week in terms of building the business. Bridget also helps me with tricky issues. She has a template for every situation. I need the help and I reckon it has saved me €30K already."

Yass Valley Dental logo.png

Robyn Venesse, Yass Valley dental

“Coaching helps us breaks down our long term goals into achievable steps”


Kevin Gartland, Gartland Architects

“I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the difference between my potential and my actual performance.

Now I find that I am more focused on what I want out of life, and divert my attention there. Under Bridget’s direction and encouragement I have grown my business, hired more staff, and become more confident.

There’s no magic. You do the work. You put in the effort. And you get the reward you deserve. You hand over money to someone who will push you to improve yourself.

You could do it on your own. You could improve your life and business without a coach. But you probably won’t. And that’s the point. Don’t think about what you pay, think about what you get.”

Mallow Print logo.png

John and Siobhan Sullivan, Mallow Printing Works

“For just over a year we have engaged the services of Bridget Breen Guiney Business Coach. In this time we have instituted systems in our business which has improved its efficiency.

We have proactively marketed our business which has led to a 30% increase in turnover in the last year. Whilst I still see a lot of areas that are capable of being improved, I feel we have come a long way in the last year. This is why I will continue to engage the services of Bridget Breen Guiney Business Coach and have no hesitation recommending her.”