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Bridget is an experienced Business Coach, entrepreneur and business owner who gets results. Her expertise lies in her practical approach to empower business owners to take action, improve their business and help them achieve their greatest results.  

Bridget has been self employed most of her life, starting at the young age of 14 playing in a band and selling their recorded cassette tapes at gigs.

Her degree in Hotel and Catering Management took her to Germany. She then traveled some more and incorporated her own award winning sales consulting company Alchemy Group International in Australia in 2004 which expanded into three different cities over a three year period. Business coaching for the last 11 years, Bridget has helped hundreds of business owners who are committed to growing and improving their businesses.

She is passionate about getting massive results and has an innate skill in bringing out the best in her clients to realise the full potential of their business, their team and themselves.

One well-established business of 40 years, quadrupled their net profits and doubled the size of their business over three to four years. Another business improving cash flow levels by 100% in the space of three months.

An Irish Australian woman at heart, Bridget has a passion for Business and human behaviour. She loves playing Irish traditional music, running with friends, good food and watching the Wallabies and Ireland play rugby.